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guerilla balloon messaging

a cuddly way to annoy the powers that be
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Find public spaces with confined, inaccessible, high areas. Get large helium balloons with desired messages on. Inflate helium balloons and allow to float to said confined areas.

The balloon will last because it's difficult to get it down from the inaccessible space. It's harmless enough that nobody can accuse you of anything but troublemaking. When the authorities try to remove it, they will draw extra attention to your prank as they do.

conskeptical, Aug 13 2008


       I think random acts of exhibitionism are much over-rated as a means to political progress. [-]
pertinax, Aug 13 2008

       indeed, political standing or brute force are the ways to effect political progress. But other things can still be fun...
conskeptical, Aug 13 2008

       haha :) the irony in a hot air balloon ad against global warming is awesome.
conskeptical, Aug 13 2008

       A professional air rifle would take care of this pretty quick, and you would be out of a lot of expensive helium.
nomocrow, Aug 15 2008

       I'd like to see the SWAT team called in to use a BB gun.
normzone, Aug 15 2008


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