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consumer vs corporate america punch up

advertisers get to stay on air... one day at a time.
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consumers are sick of increasing the amount of ads on tv... on radio... on the highways thru billboards...

how about, If you hate an ad... you can throw the gaunlet down and ask the advertiser meet you in the school yard for a game of hop scotch. Or dueling pistols. Whoever wins gets to 'Live' for one more day.

So every day... there is an advertiser defending the 'honour' of his or her ad. And every day there is a consumer who wanting it off the air.

Ultimately this becomes a tad more empowering than being forced to passively ingest media crap they throw at us.

This idea could progress into audiences throwing out 'bad' tv programs and encouraging 'good' ones to thrive.

jaeson, Jul 16 2001

Nodnerb's Link as a Link http://www.brendonw...om/ideas/ddos.shtml
Nodnerb: Use "Link" instead of "Annotate" for links, and then people can click on them. [mwburden, Jul 16 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This would give rise to professional hop-stock players, presumably picked from top triple jump atheletes with an affinity for stones. If a campaign is going to cost millions then they would need, and pay for, the best.
Aristotle, Jul 16 2001

       An idea in a similar vien is my idea for a distributed denial of service attack tool, to allow consumers to band together and cripple the networks of those companies that displease them. For more info, see: http://www.brendonwilson.com/ideas/ddos.shtml
nodnerb, Jul 16 2001

       Script kiddy h4x0rs already do this, and think they're doing a service, and being wAy r4d k00l in the process, never realizing that they're the equivalent of a screaming brat in a movie theatre...Various trojans are used for this, that call home and give information on the system.
StarChaser, Jul 16 2001

       Rods Tiger, count me in. I`ll bring my big brother, and my pea shooter(with my exocet peas!).
March Hare, Jul 17 2001

       I've got mad hop scotch skillz. When you step out on the hop scotch field of battle, you'd better get ready for the unholy beating of a lifetime. Right, left, forward, back, I live, eat, and breath hop scotch or "the game" as we call it in my home town.
talamunda, Jul 18 2001

       "The Hopscotch Kid", starring talmunda.
hippo, Jul 18 2001

       Why dont you just stop wasting your life watching TV? Sure works for me! What a loser thing to do with your time anyway.   

       Regards, Claws
Claws, May 11 2003


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