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hair sander

Smooths cut ends
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After cutting hair the ends are sharp.

A small rotary sanding device gently abrades the sharp cut ends of the hairs making then nicely round.

Could be a stand-alone device, or could be integrated into or retro-fitted to hair clippers.

Presumably would need a guard comb to stop it gently abrading skin.

pocmloc, May 11 2020


       Shape first with P2500 (42/325) and then use P10,000 for fine end finishing.
wjt, May 12 2020

       Ha! I always wondered why human hair wasn't as soft compared to various animal furs. Then all my hair fell out, then it grew back and it was all soft and fur-like. Until the next haircut, since then it's regular. So, the ends do make a difference! The device would need to hold the hair quite carefully, hair is quite tough and flexible. Maybe it could be achieved thermally?
bs0u0155, May 12 2020

       //Maybe it could be achieved thermally?//   

       With burnie sanders?
pertinax, May 13 2020

       Of you could wash it and then use a leave-in hair conditioner. It softens hair. It's been around since the time of the Flintstones, or before. I mean the REAL Flintstones. (uh-oh, Grammarly is saying this comment has an angry tone, so I'm gonna sweeten it up some...okay dear heart???)
blissmiss, May 13 2020

       Dear [blissmiss], by a country mile you are the least angry poster on this forum. At least, that's how it comes across.
pertinax, May 14 2020

       [blissmiss]; don't let the technology control you...
neutrinos_shadow, May 14 2020


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