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Hair Raiser

Raises Hair
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Hair Raising

Added to minimalist Description:
When something is "Hair-Raising", one could add special effect by having "Hair Raised". This could be by Static Charge, etc.

thumbwax, Oct 14 2001

Hair for sale http://www.ljays.co...ir_for_weaving.html
Get your lovely hair here, blonde or brown, straight or curly [pottedstu, Oct 14 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

RusHair http://hairseller.netfirms.com/about.html
Genuine hair imported from Russia (how creepy is this?). I hope there's no dead people involved, but they're a bit vague on it all. [pottedstu, Oct 14 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

hair raising http://www.hopperho...om/hair_raising.htm
oh that sort of hair ! [po, Oct 14 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

The White Knight http://www.literatu...ass/chapter-08.html
See near "upright stick". [hello_c, Oct 14 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I don't know what this means, but it's baked.   

       You just want to join the cool people in the "Fashion: Hair Accessories" category.
pottedstu, Oct 14 2001

       You talkin' about hair gel?
sdm, Oct 14 2001

       Do they raise hair by Static Charge though?
thumbwax, Oct 14 2001

       Does anyone know where they get the human hair they sell? The websites I listed ain't telling.   

       <ob on-topic>In the early 60s, they used special hair support forms to achieve beehive hairdos. Gel substitutes: soap, sugar water.</ob on-topic>
pottedstu, Oct 15 2001

       PeterSealy: I don't mean what country; I mean what heads.
pottedstu, Oct 15 2001

       Two for pottedstu:   

       * I knew a girl who walked into a salon, got her long, thick, curly dark 'do redone into a chin-length bob, and walked out five thousand dollars richer.   

       * For the best hair-raising substance known to popular culture, see "There's Something About Mary", c. 1998.
1percent, Oct 15 2001

       The White Knight!   

       Lewis Carroll is the best layman's guide to everything.
hello_c, Oct 16 2001

       Uuuurrkk! Viagra for hair!
A Farrago Of Calumnies, Oct 16 2001

       Baked, if unwieldy: Van de Graaf generator. Go to just about any kids' science museum (Science Centers, here, or the Magic House if you're near St Louis come to mind)... really nice. Just be careful that you follow the directions of the nice man operating it...
Urania, Oct 27 2001

       Yes, but I want a pocket-size device to achieve this. call it 'Sparki 2002' if you like, heh.
thumbwax, Oct 27 2001

       pottedstu, Peter is correct - the hair used for extensions etc. comes from Asia, ie, from heads of people living in Asian countries.
pussygalore, Oct 27 2001

       Well just thought I'd comment since my girlfriend and I have had some damn serious hair experiences lately and we may have established the perfect recipe to whip up normal straight hair into a 60's-style, frenzied beehive. Just pile into the back seat of your favorite vehicle with leather seats and have at it for an hour or two! It must be the combination of static electricity, being in a sauna, and just sorta aggressive mechanical action! Do remember to use the remote key pendant when you want to leave the vehicle and admire your fresh new hairstyle in public. And be prepared for comments! Enjoy !!!
KissyKiss, Jan 09 2006


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