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half baked baked world

to put them into action in a different way
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not likely to put many of the ideas into practice,as has been discussed, but some films such as star wars have a different world ,detailed and with differences in their world,also with other sci fi set in our world but very different ,its good to have a [nearly] complete complex,environment in which the story is set. its not likely for most of these to happen,so maybe they can be integrated into the plot for a film..
technobadger, Apr 06 2001

Guerrilla Halfbakers http://www.halfbake...rrilla_20Halfbakers
When our work is done, you won't need a special movie set, you'll be able to shoot on location. [beauxeault, Apr 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Combined bra and gun holster http://news.bbc.co....1297000/1297213.stm
I can't believe we all missed out on this one. It might have been useful in this story. [angel, Apr 06 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       yes,that sort of thing,a few more of rods tigers inventions to make it a surreal fantasy,a few more of affroassaults inventions to make it an action film with special effects,etc
technobadger, Apr 07 2001

       ...continually scanning his eyes over the Anti-tailgating device and the radar detector link, he notices the Break-o-Meter on the car ahead of him is going up, and he begins to slow while musing on the poor spelling of some engineers...
StarChaser, Apr 07 2001

       ...mindful of his Steering Wheel Spike, he levels off his speed to be on the safe side, and then whips out his cellphone to call the office. But what's this?! Someone has replaced his usual cellphone with an Exploding Cellphone! Monkfish tosses the instrument of death out his window with a practiced flick of his wrist. As the explosion tears up the street behind him, Monkfish makes a hard left towards the Superhero and Supervillain Name Registration Office, so he can begin his search for the evil supergenius who replaced his cellphone...
PotatoStew, Apr 07 2001

       Okay, cut! Cut!   

       Everyone on their first marks. Let's do it again. This time with more explosions.
iuvare, Apr 11 2001

       Monkfish, a 30something Canadian ascetic with a tonsure and a penchant for dark brown clothing, suddenly explodes.   

       I don't know, somehow it just doesn't fly for me.
StarChaser, Apr 11 2001

       No no no... MORE explosions:   

       Monkfish, a 30something Canadian ascetic with a tonsure and a penchant for dark brown clothing, suddenly explodes eight times.
PotatoStew, Apr 11 2001

       This is a great story!
AfroAssault, Apr 24 2001

       With the vigor that only a true egnostic could muster, PeterSealy is derangedly condemning sirrobin's favorite recipe, suggesting that perhaps he would do better to bake himself a chicken bong...
absterge, Apr 24 2001

       ...with Spravy...
angel, Apr 25 2001

       Just as dnm finishes the game and Peter agonizingly ingests his own fugu-king, AfroAssault approaches, squib-armed fist in hand. "Hey, guys! I finally found a Registered Shaman, and got my Evil Robot working again. We're gonna go Unleash Satan; wanna watch?"   

       "Ah, felgercarb, that old bit again?!" waugsqueke bellows. "That'd be the third time this month!" "Yeah, Unleash Satan: The Quickening," chimes in dnm.   

       "Well, I've got a more entertaining archery lesson later on today, but I'm game for later. It'd be better than watching 'I'd Eat That!' or 'Win That Knighthood!' again, anyway," Peter tells AA.   

       "Ok," determines AfroAssault. "Meet me at the Church of No-Pants on Perihelion; that's this Cthursday. I'll bring the Donuts in a Can, and a case of Sober(tm), and we can order out from the Pizza Satellite."
absterge, Apr 26 2001

       Meanwhile, back at his inflatable house, Rods Tiger is getting ready to attend the Halfbaker's Convention. A quick run of the ironing tortise and his Rectal T-shirt is donned. He squirts some All-Clean on his Darth Maul Saber Toothbrush and cleans up the mess with a spray-on paper towel. Before departing, he makes sure to turn down the Global Ambience Radio and arm the Cheap Security system. Moments later, he's off in his Utili-Car.   

       Apparently, the last guy left the high-rising seat up, and it takes a moment to adjust it back down. He heads towards the 2-up, double-sided, drive up ATM and hopes that the time limit will ensure a merely cursory gambling session. After that, it's off to the Grolf course for the convention...
absterge, Apr 26 2001

       Thanks all you geniuses. The 'Bakery at its best.
rayfo, Jun 05 2001

       this doesnt seem to be the same story... fun anyway
technobadger, Jun 06 2001

       As UnaBubba suggests, this will be a 'skin' for the FNH.
hippo, Jun 08 2001

       ...later at home in the Black-Bottom Pool with his Israeli wife (a mistake at the Spouse-Swapping for Mid-East Peace office) and Gooseneck Waterproof Laptop he relaxes with a quick game of Sim Evil before checking the view from his deck with What's That Hill? The Floating Food Filter in the pool buzzes around collecting the Giant Oreo and Giant Huge Popcorn crumbs he's dropping (Ooops! Did that register on the Standardised Flatulence Scale?).
Aware that the Virtual Free Disk Space server is down again he backs up the machine with his Proper CD Burner instead, shielding his eyes from the glare with some Half-Mirrored Contact Lenses.
Agh! A call from his boss on his Retro Cell Phone (bought to replace the Exploding Cell Phone)! - The Enviro-Noise kicks in to simulate his Improved Office Cubicle (now built with Bulletproof Cubicle Walls since Tranquilizer Guns For Everyone became popular...).
While on the phone, sipping Alcoholic Milk from his Bean Bag Mug he checks out his Palm HalfBakery Portal (Using his Real Name) but is cut short by the Marriage-Saving HalfBakery Shut-Off Device.
He checks out a few of his favourite Fully Clothed Celebrity and Advert Music Sites (and Vernon's Site for a bit of masochistic fun) until his Emergency Spousal Cut-Off kicks in...
Feeling a call of nature, he gets out of the pool...
hippo, Jun 18 2001


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