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Company (Corporate) "Halfbakery events"

A Halfbakery-type event for corporate companies
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You know those company events, and the companies that organize those events, right? Here's an idea for an event staged by these "event organizing companies" - The "Halfbakery event".

Every country / state / group / family has people who love to show off how innovative and inventive they are (The Russians WERE the first to space, the Chinese WERE the first to make fire crackers, the Persians WERE the first to play Chess, the Lebanese WERE the first to invent the short alphabet, Arab merchants WERE the first to bring the zero from India, and to discover gasoline, the Greeks WERE the first to think of a round world, the Arapaho WERE the first to understand that we have to listen to nature, and the Bushmen WERE the first to figure out how to avoid white man's stupidity almost to the end of the 20th centurty).

Well one of the main Israeli newspapers had this thing not long ago about how smart and innovative we are, and to show it they opened a closed contest with each of the editors writing their great halfbaked ideas in technology. Not surprisingly they came up with most of the main HB tech ideas, which sounded great to them.

I'm sure EVERY hi-tech company and most of the low-tech too - who have these "high end" company events with "group activities" would enjoy a good "Halfbakery Half day". In preperation, for a week in advance, they get a "corporate HB" - (with the possibility to move to the global HB if ideas are good). The company guys bash each other, and we get to bash them too (or help them if its really a great idea). At the company event they choose a few ideas that they want to try and develop / illustrate / debate loudly in a real room. Altogether its a "Corporate HB Event".

Videos and results are posted as links that don't work and the ideas can be boned further for another month or two, until all workers are totally broken, never to propose any of their ideas again, and understand that the only choice for the rest of their life is to join the real halfbakery and cure themselves of any elf- fishness they ever had.

Halfbakers are invited to run these events, and propose their own ideas, and that way you get some tech guys to finally build the solar balloon that I was never able to make a model of, even though it's the simplest idea, because I always get something wrong, while the simple Chinese made $1.5 kite from the supermarket goes soaring high above everything else.

pashute, May 16 2011




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