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HalfBakery Haikus

I'm sure this has already been unintentionally baked, but anyway...
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Anyone who's spent a bit of time at the HB has surely noticed how sometimes idea titles can seem to run into each other; more than once I've been slightly dissapointed to find that what I thought was one wildly over-ambitious but still appealing idea has actually proved to be two different postings heaped together by sheer happenstance. A flurry of annotations ensues, and the continuity between the two titles is swiftly broken. But, for one brief moment, (all custom views aside), there exists on the homepage of this site an almost alchemic admixture of idea names which it seems a shame to break by reading the individual ideas that have made up this accidental yet inspired chain of thought.

Some idea names are poetic in themselves. Admittedly, most idea titles do err on the side of brevity and clarity; but even five minutes spent browsing the archives will yield some idea names of longer length. Some titles even have five syllables, a few actually have seven. So here's my rubbish idea -

Using strategically-placed annotations, it must be possible to create some kind of second-hand haiku on the front page of the Half Bakery. If the category heading could serve as the title for the Haiku, so much the better. Obviously, all the ideas must come from the same category, and the resulting poem won't last for long - what with the Bakery being the wonderfully dynamic bugger that it is - but, albeit for a brief and fleeting moment, three ideas might come together in a way their respective authors could never have imagined.

Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the patience to do this myself. Still, there must be many potential Haikus lurking in the depths of the HB. Realistically, it would probably take an army of infinite monkeys to draw them out. Either that, or large helpings of custard.

lostdog, Oct 14 2003

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"Look of Tree end child:
Lose data unloseable.
Strum Chinese java."
- PotatoStew [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]




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