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August 11th, of course.
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In honor of jutta's opus, and to fill up a mostly-unexciting month with another holiday that we all get to take off (maybe call it a religious holiday?), I say we celebrate HB's birthday every year on the date noted as "everything is new" on the news page. We'll have to make 2001's a double shot, because we seem to have missed 2000's.
absterge, Jan 02 2001


       This being the halfbakery, we only celebrate its birthday every other year. Natch.
centauri, Jan 02 2001

       good call, centauri! so we're right on schedule for the first bi-annual halfbirthday, then! hahahah...
absterge, Jan 02 2001

       Everyone up for a game of What-if Chess over at jutta's place to celebrate?
PotatoStew, Jan 02 2001

       Sure. I'll be there in a jiffy. Let me just calibrate my Hyperspace Keychain and ho
centauri, Jan 03 2001

       Wouldn't a halfbirthday more properly be six months after a birthday? February 11th, in this case.
egnor, Jan 03 2001

       It's what you give after you've been a little pregnant.
jutta, Mar 03 2001

PotatoStew, Mar 03 2001


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