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healthy fruit bottles in soda machines

Soda shaped container that is designed to hold fruits or vegetables .
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These are bottles that fit into any plastic bottle vending machine. There plastic bottles that hold fruit such as strawberries, grapes, apples, peaches, bananas. Just a various mix. So when you buy your soda there can be an optional fruit bottle too for a snack. Or one with vegetables with a screw off dressing container.

the bottle would pop open from the upper middle, and the top where the cap usually is would have a peel off seal on the bottom inside with either the dressing or maybe a larger capsule for fruits that could have some juice.

ghostlandseller, Jul 08 2008

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       Yes, but i wonder how long the fruit or veg would keep. Maybe packed in nitrogen or refrigerated?
nineteenthly, Jul 08 2008

       Soon to be followed by 'genetically engineered fruit grown to fit soda machine bottles'.
Noexit, Jul 08 2008

       If you stick a bottle on a nascent fruit such as a pear or apple, it will sometimes grow to fill it.
nineteenthly, Jul 08 2008

       This could work in a high traffic location, where the machine is restocked daily. Even nitrogen packing would probably only preserve it for a couple of days, a lot of fruit is extremely sensitive. The machine would also have to be able to handle varied pricing, as fresh fruit is going to cost more than corn cyrup and carbonation.
MechE, Jul 08 2008


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