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hearing aid language translator

Don't learn another language, just use your hearing aid to translate for you.
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A quick search didn't obviate what i was thinking, about language translations. In Word and other word processors, there are abilities to translate words from one language to another. Made me think hearing aids might possibly do the same. Since some aids have Bluetooth capability, internet linking could be used; send the digital audio via Bluetooth to a conversion web page, and have it return a translated message of your choice. Many aids also come with key fob like controllers to assist in some of the user interface. While many languages need changing order of nouns, verbs, etc., so a button push on the aid (or UI controller) could capture a stream of words, and a second button push to send to the converter for translation to the desired language. Now this is only a translation for hearing, not speaking, but at least you could understand the swear words being spewed out at your own inept actions.
doctorbill, Mar 10 2008

Video Audio Translator Video_20Audio_20Translator
Similar, No? (Except this is portable) [Dub, Mar 11 2008]

Technovelgy: Gibson's Idoru http://www.technove...content.asp?Bnum=85
Wireless headset provides instant translation. [jutta, Mar 11 2008]

Sounds like they're working on it... http://www.seedmaga...out_of_the_blue.php
(according to Henry Markram, admitedly he only says they'll be talking rather than listenting and talking) [Dub, Mar 11 2008]

Halfbakery: Understanding aid Understanding_20aid
Preempts this idea - and then builds on top of it. [jutta, Mar 11 2008]


       I was about to say this was a silly idea, but it may not be more than one or two orders of magnitude silly.   

       Your first problem is in converting speech into some sort of textual representation, which is nightmarishly difficult. Yes, there are "speech to text" applications for computers, but these generally need quite a lot of training to an individual voice, and are not tolerant of background noise or multiple voices.   

       After that, the problem of automated translation is a relatively trivial one.   

       And, Douglas Adams beat you to it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 10 2008

       AHem (in Polish)
Dub, Mar 11 2008


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