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Understanding aid

Adapt in-ear translator research
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I read that an immense amount of effort has been devoted to developing in-ear language translators for military use.

Their existence being taken for granted in science-fiction has no doubt helped with funding.

Apparently prototypes were tested during the Gulf War and no doubt at this moment greatly improved plug-ins are on trial.

My idea? The technology should be readily adaptable to in-ear translating of differing versions of THE SAME LANGUAGE into each other.

I would find a two-way Presidentspeak to Streetspeak plug-in translator rather handy at present.

rayfo, Oct 07 2001

Translate English to ValSpeak. http://www.80s.com/...tainment/ValleyURL/
[angel, Oct 07 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Hitch-hiker's guide to the Galaxy http://hq.alert.sk/...s-N-Adams/gg5u.html
The chapter where he gets the Babel Fish stuck in his ear. [stupop, Oct 07 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Cultural Tranlator [pashute, Aug 06 2017]


       This could probably have prevented the Civil War. WIBNI, but croissant anyway.
Deity, Oct 07 2001

       Oh my Gawd! This could like totally transform all those big words those dudes use. A croissant for your melon.
thumbwax, Oct 08 2001

       No religious disrespect intended, but translations of the Bible have used this idea for a long time, translating the beautiful (but sometimes archaic) King James into all sorts of latter-day argots and plain-English versions. (Not that this bakes the idea, mind you, rayfo's transliterator goes much farther.)
Dog Ed, Oct 08 2001

       In HHGTTG, the babel fish was of course responsible for causing more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of mankind.

Perhaps deeper levels of understanding would lead - not to universal peace - but deeper levels of offense and rage.

A half-comprehended remark that causes mild offense may, if fully understood, be taken as a serious assault.

I'm remaining neutral on this one, for now.

Although, if this would help the rest of us communicate with LoriZ, then I might give you a croissant.
quarterbaker, Oct 08 2001

       I'd hack it. I'd hack it right away. What fun!   

       "Mr. President, a significant portion of the West Coast believes that you look remarkably like a chimpanzee."   

       "That so? Let's just use the two-way translator, let's send every eligible voter a voicemail."   


       "This is the President of the United States. (smirk) I've received your opinion of my appearance, and I can assure you of this: you're a bunch of pissing donkeys in pink chiffon. Thank you, and God Bless America."
1percent, Oct 08 2001

       waugs, my AllSpeak dictionary translates that phrase as "lorem ipsum dolor."
beauxeault, Oct 09 2001

       www.lingophone.com offers sms text message translations..
crower, Feb 09 2004


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