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heated sofa

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Sofa contains array of hot-water pipes embedded in upholstery. Kit includes self-tapping clamp to attach to and pierce central-heating pipes, and flexible hoses to attach to the newly installed junction fittings.

Sit and enjoy your warm bum

pocmloc, Nov 19 2019

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       I can't help thinking... no, wait, it seems I can.   

       Would it not be simpler to have electrical heating elements, similar to those in car seats?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2019

pocmloc, Nov 19 2019

       For couch potatoes?
Mindey, Nov 19 2019

       This is clumsy, inefficient, lacks flexibility, and vulnerable to a single-point failure which would not only flood the room with very hot water contaminated with chemicals and rust but cause failure of and possibly extensive damage to the entire domestic heating system. In a poorly-insulated shared dwelling during cold weather, it would be disastrous, perhaps requiring evacuation ;the chance of fatalities is inherent in the situation.   

       The perfect halfbaked idea; it lacks only jam, bees, and the recklessly inadvisable employment of pyrotechnics and explosives (perhaps in the form of an ejector seat option) to raise it to Olympian status.   

       We invite you to place the attached croissant into the integrated warming cabinet in the chair arm.   

       We look forward to the DeLuxe version capable of direct connection to a BorgCo Steam Locomotive Fireplace, where the heat transfer medium is 10 Bar saturated steam.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2019


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