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heli flares

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There is already flare electronic replacements for road safety in use

However I haven't seen a similar product for flare guns.

So I proposed a electronic flair shaped like a rocket with a helicopter rotor on top.

It is powered for a while, and can be held in once place by fishwire spools. Once its out of power, it will autogyate back to the ground, ready to charge again.

mofosyne, Feb 11 2011


       Also handy to shoot triplines across paths and sidewalks for hours of prankster enjoyment!
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2011

       We read this as "Hell flares" which could have been any of extremely bright red-coloured pyrotechnic illuminators (widely known to exist), or extremely uncomfortable bell-bottomed trousers.   

       We will award a bun anyway for the possibilities opened up by [Rayford]'s anno, and the adittional amusement that could be obtained by interaction with high-tension transmission lines.   

       We think it will work better with a Xenon strobe in the "copter" and the power source on the ground, tethered by very fine wires. The power source could be a hand-cranked generator for remote and uncivilised locations, like wales.
8th of 7, Feb 11 2011

       interesting, but how will you prevent power loss thought the thin power cable to the copter?
mofosyne, Feb 12 2011

       If I'm in need of a flare gun, it's probably an indication that some piece of technology has failed to live up to expectations.   

       Under those circumstances, I really really want a flare gun to be as simple as possible.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2011

       max: the same with normal flares, it doesn't always have to be for survival. Police use it to mark off areas around a stopped police car to prevent additional cars from smashing it. They have begun to use electronic flares because of the environmental impact of normal flares.
mofosyne, Feb 12 2011

       // how will you prevent power loss //   

       Easy. The ground power source - if hand-cranked - produces medium voltage AC. It is fed into a transformer, converting it into high voltage, low current. Thus the resistive losses in the cable are minimised.   

       The wires are insulated with PU lacquer which has a very high breakdown voltage.
8th of 7, Feb 12 2011


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