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Intercontinental Ballistic Fireworks

Dispose of unwanted ICBMs in a more spectacular way
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Due to international treaty, a large number of Russian and American ICBMs must be dismantled and destroyed out in the desert somewhere.

Rather than let them rot in the desert or be torn appart for scrap, why not put them to good use? Some can be used as boosters to launch satellites, but the smaller ones can hardly leave the atmosphere.

Instead of a nuclear warhead, you could fill the rocket with a couple tons of gunpowder, various minerals to make colors, stars, and other effects. They could be exploded above uninhabited areas or water within sight of major cities on holidays such as Independence Day and New Year's.

Imagine a silo in the American west somewhere launches one of these things going east. It explodes over New York Harbor on July 4th in a spectacular red, white, and blue star. The Russians are puzzled by the satellite pictures but eventually satisfied that the treaty has been met.

Other uses include scaring the bejeezus out of anyone the USA happens to be at war with.

discontinuuity, Jun 25 2005

Somewhat baked: nuclear fireworks during the Cold War http://www.npr.org/...8170775&sc=fb&cc=fp
"this is the first occasion I've ever discovered where someone discovered something and immediately decided to blow it up." [discontinuuity, Jul 02 2010]


       // The Russians are puzzled by the satellite pictures but // they waist no time counteracting this potential threat.
Susan, Jun 25 2005

       Principles and Objectives for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament. The US signed this in 1970. It's sure taking a long time to get along with the Disarmament phase.   

       + assuming that [Susan's] point is considered and other Nations with ICBM's are given a memo indicating the non-hostile intentions.
Zimmy, Jun 25 2005

       Did I miss an anno by [Ling]?
Susan, Jun 25 2005

       [Susan], no I've just lost my short term memory today, apparently.
Zimmy, Jun 25 2005

       ...or: //The Russians are puzzled by// the fact that California appears to be attacking New York
discontinuuity, Jun 25 2005

       marke.fo.deletio.: calls for a list
Susan, Jun 25 2005

bristolz, Jun 25 2005

       [bristolz] It was not a serious "mark for" (didn't type it out in full, because I know you search for the specific string). It was because of the possible sentences you can put behind // the Russians..etc//.
Susan, Jun 26 2005

       //Did I miss an anno by [Ling]?//Nope, it's right here.
Ling, Jun 26 2005

       Ah, there it is.
Susan, Jun 26 2005


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