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helium filled spinning parasail

human powered inflated parasail / airscrew
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was unable to find any experiments with lighter than air structures used as propellors or "air screws / vented saucer" - I know this would violate prize regulations for human powered flight but my goal would be a personal HPAC that meets ultralight specs and allow a home owner with a few acres to experience flight, I propose heliul filled, counter rotating vented saucers with opposite venting so they both provide lift when rotating in opposite directions - like the gyropter the counter rotation would help stabalize the pedal powered device- and the vents would close without CF to allow craft to parasail back to ground when pedal power is exhausted. the saucers could be an inner and outer design driven by a long outter shaft and shorter inner shaft or since the helium will counter balance drive train they could be mounted side by side with cabin suspended between them - the system would not be lighter air such as Galagher's "white Dwarf" but should have less surface area and be more managable for outdoor use.
Froarty, Oct 07 2006


       Very cool.   

       Welcome to the Halfbakery [Froarty], the first step's a doozey and this is a good'n.   

       So you are proposing using human power to rotate a pair of helium inflated parasails? Show me some drag figures please, I suspect that human strength is going to be insufficent to develop adequete lift.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 09 2006

       Hey! Leave my vent out of it.. The cheek of these newbies!
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 09 2006


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