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hidden doors for the home

well, the lock is hidden
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And the mechanism is hidden. What I'm thinking of is a self-locking medicine cabinet that can be accessed by twisting the toothbrush cup on the counter.

The toothbrush cup doesn't look like it is the key, but when it is twisted, it sends a signal to the cabinet. Maybe an RFID chip that is screened until the twisting of the cup lifts the screen.

nomocrow, Jun 24 2010

Magnetic Key Lock http://www.drawerslides.com/p/rl202-1
Often used to secure cabinets where no visible hardware is desired, or when baby-proofing a home. [jurist, Jun 24 2010]


       Already baked in many instances.
Jscotty, Jun 24 2010

       I like it. Leave off the last sentence, and stick with your specific idea. (just a suggestion)
dentworth, Jun 24 2010

       Magnetically activated internal bolt locks or simple magnetic key cabinet latches might be an easy-to-retrofit low-tech way of implementing this concept. [link]
jurist, Jun 24 2010

       I dearly love any idea that moves the world closer to the time when science fiction meets fantasy. When an action is apparently completely unrelated to the result unless you already understand the underlying technology, you're there. Examples include this idea, doors with sensors that open when one approaches, thermostats with timing mechanisms and sensors for user presence, and fully automated floor cleaning robots.
Voice, Jun 25 2010


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