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high-fiving computer

A computer that high-fives you.
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A computer with a peripheral shaped like an arm, which gives you a high-five at appropriate times-- i.e. "Are you sure you'd like to delete this file?" (Yes, OK!) "File deleted successfully!! HIGH-FIVE!!!"


mungojelly, Nov 12 2005


       Sorry, but I can just imagine somebody reprogramming this to not high-five, but slap somebody at appropriate points.   

"Are you sure you want to delete that file?" (No, no way!) "File not deleted. You bastard, you're wasting all my memory" *Slap*.
froglet, Nov 12 2005

Is this a thinly veiled rant?
gnomethang, Nov 12 2005

       If you are confronted with a YES/NO prompt and you really aren't sure then you could arm wrestle it to settle the decision.
Jscotty, Nov 13 2005

       does it lick it's palms first?
daseva, Nov 13 2005

       It's official. Computers need a hand.
Darkelfan, Nov 13 2005

       This is a fantastic idea - couldn't the arm be modified to wipe the monitor clean every few days, with the help of some cleaning fluid stored in the hand?
Mr Phase, Nov 13 2005

       A camputer: Oooh! Get you!
Jinbish, Nov 13 2005

       I'll take the High Five Computer 2.0: Top Gun High Five Edition.
calum, Nov 14 2005

       Is that the one that prefers computers of it's own make but won't admit it and indulges in a lot of macho hi-fiving instead?
wagster, Nov 14 2005

       That's right. And every one in two CDs gets mangled when you press eject...
Jinbish, Nov 14 2005

       I award one hundred points to Jinbish, for making me laugh on a Monday morning.
calum, Nov 14 2005

       With two arms, it could do more dance-like moves, and even 'raise the roof' to your favorite songs.   

       Could also clap for you when you do something good.
sleeka, Nov 14 2005

       No compilation errors. High five!
phundug, Nov 16 2005


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