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Crowing cock memory stick

Alerts you when it is safe to be removed.
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A USB flash memory stick in the shape of a male fowl. It flaps its wings and crows (cock-a-doodle-oo) when it is safe to be removed.
neelandan, Jan 20 2009

Buy one of these, hack the mechanism ... http://www.tressuga...g-Dog-USB-Key-85268
... to drive a pair of flapping wings and a noisemaker. [neelandan, Feb 05 2011]


       There's somewhere I could go with this, but I'm not going there. Besides, I'm not sure about the mechanics.
nomocrow, Jan 20 2009

       {attaches hose to [IT]'s memory stick and vacuums lounge}
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 20 2009

       If I attach a sound module and motorised wings to Rod's memory stick, will the cock suck as well as crow?
neelandan, Jan 21 2009

       Here's a half-serious proposal for halfbakery markup: a faux- xml tag that indicates "yes, I know there's an obvious joke here, please do not spoil the subtlety of my anno by actually making it." The only problem is that the person who needs it most dislikes faux-xml.   

       I do like the idea, and the mechanical wing flapping especially. [+]
mouseposture, Feb 05 2011


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