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history of books

a timeline of books
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This would be a website showing a graph of all the books that have been in print, since the beginning of history. Oh what the heck, we'll include handwritten books too. Anyway, At first the timeline will be very small, and we can name all of the books in existance. Then around the industrial revolution there will be an explosion of books , and we will just have a graph of the number of books in print.
lawpoop, Sep 01 2005

Timeline of books http://www.xs4all.nl/~knops/timetab.html
one of many [csea, Sep 01 2005]


       To me this just seems like a hobby, something to spend your time on and people would see your work and say "wow cool!" but where's the practical use? Besides, many many books have been lost so the farther back in time you go the more inaccurate your timeline is.
CombatChuck, Sep 01 2005


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