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hormone tattoo

when your hormone levels change, so does the tatoo color
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like a tatoo... a non-toxic ink is embedded in your skin... it lets you know how much of a certain hormone you have... this allows you to know whether you're having a really bad day... or are reacting to the hormone imbalances.

probably very useful for tracking to see if you're on your way to menopause or if you're planning to have a baby you can probably accurately tell if you're ovulating.

jaeson, Jul 15 2001

The non-invasive version. http://news.bbc.co....1442000/1442057.stm
'There are also plans for vitamin-enhanced lace underwear. ' [angel, Jul 15 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       [sp: tattoo]
jutta, Jul 15 2001

       Sort of baked, though not in any way shape or form as regards the menopause. In Alfred Bester's "Tiger, Tiger" aka "The Stars, My Destination", the main character Gully Foyle has a facial tattoo that only becomes visible when he's angry - if I remember right.
Guy Fox, Jul 15 2001

       Re last para: I suspect that most women can tell this fairly accurately already.
angel, Jul 16 2001

       Seems to me nail polish wouldn't be as workable because it isn't as close to the blood. Tattoo ink is presumablyin direct contact with your hormone levels.   

       Other uses ... diabetics would love an easy, always-available glucose and insulin indicator. Rarer diseases too. Convicted drunk drivers could have alcohol-sensitive tattoos places somewhere they, their passengers, and the police could see them.   

       Heck, I sometimes have a hard time knowing when I'm hungry --- a tattoo that spells out "YOU SHOULD GET SOMETHING TO EAT NOW!" could do me a lot of good.   

       A friend of mine likes to say, "Men have hormonal cycles too; they just don't have proof." This could provide everyday proof...
wiml, Jul 16 2001

       Lightly browned. Darien Fawkes, The Sci-Fi Channel's "The Invisible Man", sports one which monitors his body chemistry in this manner.
The Military, Jul 16 2001


       my own mother always had problems being in touch with her own hormones levels... perhaps she's not as in touch with her intuition as other women... but when she came into menopause it came down upon her very suddenly... (perhaps this is how it happens)...   


       if this 'tatoo' or device can help someone prepare for changes in their body... i think it would be great...   


       i like all the other applications you thought of... especially with diabetes... which was something i thought of too... tho initially thought perhaps women 'might' appreciate this invention.
jaeson, Jul 16 2001

       It could certainly be useful. (See link.)
angel, Jul 17 2001

       I remember reading a sci-fi book in which a character had a similar tattoo to measure her blood oxygen (she had some sort of genetic disease; the book wasn't very interesting and I remember few details). It was a clever idea then and it's a clever idea now. Croissant.
Tabbyclaw, Sep 01 2003


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