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house fabber

Setup for direct printing of buildings
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There are many technologies used nowadays for producing complicated 3D models directly from a computer, these are known as "fabbers" (google "fabbers" for more info). Why not have a big setup with the "Drop-on-powder deposition" technology using many small water jets and sand-cement mixture as the powder... This setup could actually "print" walls or whole houses directly from the connected PC.

Imagine this: 2 people arrive with a truck, install the device on the ground, another truck brings the sand-cement mixture, cable from the device is connected to the notebook and you just pick a model of the house you want to have built and click PRINT and the device does the rest including the finest details of the stucco. You come back in 5 hours and find.... ooops, there were "2 copies" selected on the Print dialog :))

And you wonder why this is in Computer/Cam category? This is Computer Aided Manufacturing :)

slovakmartin, Aug 27 2005

Googling "fabbers" http://www.ennex.com/~fabbers/
This is probably the first entry you will get when googling the word "fabbers", as the author suggests above. It may or may not be exactly what [slovakmartin] intended for you to see. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know precisely what [slovakmartin] wanted us to see because he was too busily occupied elsewhere to provide his own link. [jurist, Sep 09 2005]

(?) Whole house machine http://www.discover...use-machine/?page=1
[david_scothern, Sep 09 2005]

Construction 3D printing article from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedi...ruction_3D_printing
Baked by many people/companies, beginning in earnest around the time this idea was posted [notexactly, Apr 22 2018]


       "...and I want the kitchen in 12 point Garamond..."
DrCurry, Aug 28 2005

       For this to work you'd need an existing foundation.   

       Okay I definitely want one. For now they can just supersize one of the newfangled fabber/3D-Printers.
atomicnicholas, Sep 09 2005

       "Scale to fit plot"
coprocephalous, Sep 09 2005

       This already exists, believe it or not. See link.
david_scothern, Sep 09 2005

       Remember to remove all labels from plan files before starting, or else your lawn will be "Copyright 2005"
elhigh, Sep 09 2005

       You could always get the open-source house, but then anyone would be able work out how to break-in.
coprocephalous, Sep 09 2005

       ... On the other hand proprietary houses will get you lost in undocumented features
loonquawl, May 05 2009

       What happens when microsoft stops releasing patches for your house?
shapu, May 05 2009

       A subtractive fabber could be pretty darn useful for excavating foundations. It could carry the earth by conveyer belt onto a truck and stop when the load reached a certain point. No work involved except driving the stuff away. And checking with the gas board, water board, electricity board etc to avoid any pipes or cables.   

       For making the building itself I think prefab housing would be more efficient. However, a 3D printed house would be great for custom jobs. You could do things that would be ridiculously difficult for regular builders.   

       BTW, whenever someone broke into an open source house, someone would fix the design. Thieves would figure out how to break into proprietary houses but the companies would just leave the security flaws unfixed and deny their existence.
Bad Jim, May 05 2009

       //You come back in 5 hours and find.... ooops, there were "2 copies" selected on the Print dialog :)) //   

       You come back 1 year later and find.... ooops, you forgot to click "OK" on the print dialog and it never started printing.
phundug, May 05 2009


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