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hppy mssgng cake

… for brthdys, xmas, whtevr.
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“hello brthdy boy! – hpe prtys gng rlly gd, so srry tht I cn’t be there”

“hpe yu lke the cake – the nu spcl cake baked jst for u wth a txtng display set in the icing. mmmmm. all yr fiends, oops, frends cn txt you bst wshes on yr spcl dy. xxx”

“oh, btw, its set to vbrte whn u recve a nu mssge. C U sn, luv po.!

po, Nov 03 2007

Bakeable using existing technology http://www.engadget...ens-errors-instead/
...as long as you don't try to use foreign characters. [DrCurry, Nov 05 2007]


       tcky bt fn. bn. [+]
baconbrain, Nov 03 2007

       Perhaps the sound produced by phonetic rendering of the chosen representation of what is usually the word 'cake' is particularly fitting for the entire idea. [-]
vincevincevince, Nov 03 2007


       Is that like 'fcuk'?
theleopard, Nov 05 2007

       ts wb gr8 4 cpcks
phundug, Nov 05 2007

       y all the ><>?
daseva, Nov 05 2007

       I read this a couple of times, and didn't get it. Now I think I have. I assume there's a digital display embedded in the cake, which is connected to a SIM card. You give well-wishers the special phone number, then they txt a greeting to you and you can see it displayed within the cake. If this is the case, hv a bn. If not, hv a bn.   

       Therein lies the problem. Bun and bone, in txt speak, are identical.   

       Hv a bn anyway [+]
jtp, Nov 05 2007

       more or less, jtp - you explained it better than I could have.   

       r all my bns actually bns then?   

       I did actually visualise electronic candles that lit up when a message was being displayed but I considered that a little tcky.
po, Nov 06 2007

       [boysparks], I misread "vowel" as "bowel".
david_scothern, Nov 06 2007

       and that's how [po] invented LOLcakes. (i don't understands the bones either. cute idea.)
k_sra, Nov 07 2007


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