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hugging booths

Pair people and make them hug
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This exhibit would consist of two sets of doors with walls in between to make a series of two-door'd stalls in a row. Each booth would have a curtain in the middle opened and closed automatically. There would be a roped-off line and it would be made difficult to see who is in the opposite line.

With one person in a booth the light on the other side would turn green. The next person in line on the opposite side would be directed to that booth. With two people in the booth the dividing curtain would be opened and they would be expected to give each-other a hug and leave.
Voice, May 27 2011


       for added fun, they could give each other a hug blindfolded.
phundug, May 27 2011

       Burning man 2005 had something like this. It was successful.
white, May 28 2011

       Random Hugging: Two Buns Up [+] [+].
Grogster, May 28 2011

       Voice, you have been thru that hugging line 82 times in the last hour.
bungston, Feb 09 2012


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