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human egg

develop a human egg that is independent of parents
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We had our first rain this year (during the months of spring and summer there is no rain in my country) and then a few hot days. The mosquitoes and flies appeared out of nowhere. Another day of rain a week later and they were gone. The same happens with the Therophyte plants (most of the plants here) that all die during the summer, and appear when the "time is ripe". Some only after a certain amount of subzero cold days. Others, with the third day of rain. With some of them, there could be years that go by without them ever emerging!

They survive by laying eggs or seeds. These have biochemical mechanisms deciding when to emerge and begin the new life.

So for human survival, we need to develop human eggs that will emerge after a catastrophy, survive, grow up and thrive and be able to react to the new environment they will be living in.

The egg should be the size of insect eggs or if necessarily larger, should have some kind of supportive surrounding so they can grow naturally.

The human eggs will replace the science fiction technological embryo rooms inside space-ships, and will be stored in various places around the earth.

pashute, Oct 28 2017

Lamb Bag https://www.youtube...watch?v=dt7twXzNEsQ
Maybe something like encased in a sleek polycarbonate shell? [Cuit_au_Four, Oct 28 2017]

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       [+] but since you mean seeds not eggs, I'm guessing totally bad - or lack of - science.
FlyingToaster, Oct 28 2017

       So a gene splicing interstellar probe that splices, from a human database, the best chromosomal match and leaves populations of growth sacs, of indeterminate gestation, throughout the universe. Misses the fun bit.   

       [Cuit_au_Four] Like most science, it is a reduction to the absolute bare necessities missing the nuances.
wjt, Oct 28 2017

       totally bad - or lack of - science [-]
Voice, Oct 29 2017

       // - or lack of - science //   

       More like a Lego fact imagining, where none of the bricks connect.
wjt, Oct 29 2017

       //’Ow’d you want yer eggs?// Supporting metabolism.
wjt, Nov 01 2017

       Sp. catastrophe   

       Sp. die in infancy for lack of nurturing adults.
pertinax, Nov 01 2017

       Extended gestation, some neural memory implants or genetic instincts of basic survival modes. An interstellar, 'Lord of the flies' experiment. Is it immoral to give life a chance, even if tiny? Probably down to how horrible the deaths could be.
wjt, Nov 03 2017

       As long as they can be served up with plenty of tobasco sauce after scrambling, I see no problem with the human egg.
xenzag, Nov 03 2017

       Balut, anyone?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 03 2017


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