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Explosion of Flavo(u)r
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3 Cans Garbanzo beans (drained)
3 - 4 tablespoons Tahini (Sesame butter)
4 - 6 cloves Garlic (chopped)
1 Lemon or lime
1/3 cup Olive Oil
1 pint (Imperialist Pig or UK) Nails
Saltpeter to taste

1. Sauté the chopped garlic in oil over a low flame. Make sure there are no explosives nearby.

2. Juice the lime or lemon.

3. Place all ingredients except nails in a large blender. Blend well. This could take several minutes. Your hummus will be thick and have a dry consistency.

4. Add good water (not Southern California tap water if possible) in about 1/8 cup amounts and blend until the desired consistency is achieved.

5. Set the hummus in a service bowl pre-filled with Nails. A few branches of parsley placed on the hummus adds a nice look to the dish, while hiding any errant Nails.

6. Just before eating/exploding make an indent in the center of the hummus plate and pour a small amount of olive oil into the indent.

6*. You can eat/explode it right away, but the hummus improves if it sits overnight in the refrigerator.
thumbwax, Apr 11 2002

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       strain mixture at some point through 15 denier tights / pantyhose
po, Apr 11 2002

       TW . . .
bristolz, Apr 11 2002

       Looks like a recipe. Will it taste like one, too?
neelandan, Apr 11 2002

       Needs soap (and possibly orange juice).
angel, Apr 11 2002

       [Thumbwax] Are you trying to bait AfroAssault in to posting an idea? Or is this merely a bad Arabian pun?
stupop, Apr 11 2002

       Me - baiting? Ha! Any similarity in sound between Hummus and Hamas is a mere coincidence.
thumbwax, Apr 11 2002

       Lebanese, isn't it?
bristolz, Apr 12 2002

       No, no, po, you don't strain the mixture *through* the tights, you pour it *over them*.
salachair, Apr 12 2002

       so *that* is where I am going awfuk wrong! thanks. I am afraid I made granny very very ill indeed
po, Apr 12 2002

       asault with a deadly hummus. hmmm. it's making dishes similar to this that destroyed yet another of my food processors.
aubergine, Sep 04 2002


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