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hydrogen soda water

for safe(r) gas storage
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or methane soda water - same idea, a bit less dangerous.
pashute, Nov 25 2012


       Neither are very soluble in water as a liquid but methane clathrate is being investigated for storage.
FlyingToaster, Nov 25 2012

       The real issue when it comes to storage--of anything--is how much space it takes up, and if you infuse water with a hazardous gas, you're storing the gas _and_ the water. Not to say that the infusion will take up twice the space of the separate components, but it will take up more space than just the gas, and it will be much heavier, which hikes transportation costs.
Alterother, Nov 26 2012

       Acetylene is transported in pressurised cylinders as a solution in Acetone.   

       It seems to work fairly well, certainly compared with Plan "A" which was just to compress raw Acetylene in a steel tank ...   

       Maybe you could make a fizzy spirit drink using a gas soluble in Ethanol.   

       Oh, and what [FT] said.
8th of 7, Nov 27 2012

       because you can store a lot of volume at a relatively low pressure, just like soda.
pashute, Nov 28 2012

       Except that you can't; carbon dioxide is a special case, being much more soluble in water than hydrogen and most other gases.
spidermother, Nov 28 2012

pashute, Dec 04 2012

       Don't give up - just store the hydrogen in the oxidised form, which is soluble in water.
spidermother, Dec 06 2012


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