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transcranial Oscillating Current Stimulation of mothers brain readout via blanket
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Sensors on the mother, tOCS device, to mimic mother being and thinking in close proximity of infant. The tOCS would be by a electrode laden hooded blanket and receiving and modulation device.

Of course, being without scientific investigate and having a lot of large jump extrapolation, this product is only thought to give an electromagnetic parental comfort shaddow to the child.

But still, possibly the ultimate in cute, ahhh, electrified security.

<In tiny writing> Disclaimer: Product only for relaxed, no stress, well adjusted mothers. </In tiny writing>

wjt, Feb 02 2018

A stepping stone suddenly surfaced, tDCS_20infant_20one..._20and_20cleverness
with a few bubbly ripples. I'll use it to step forward with my full weight. [wjt, Feb 02 2018]


       Can it also include an electric fence for the top rail of the crib?
RayfordSteele, Feb 02 2018

       Yes, although at random intervals so no behavior is given unfair re-enforcement.
wjt, Feb 02 2018

       Random electrocutions would tend to lead to the phenomenon of Learned Helplessness, which is a seriously nasty thing to do to anyone.
pertinax, Feb 03 2018

       In reality the cot with the random electrification rail( always non lethal,just annoying), the child has one behavior, getting out of the cot. Just like life and desktop cold fusion, sometimes you can, mostly you can't. Helplessness is when you don't have that window of can.
wjt, Feb 03 2018

       I think it has something to do with Andy Warhol.
pertinax, Feb 04 2018


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