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Use cellphone camera to record minor & major car accidents
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I have always wondered about uses for an always-available camera such as what Nokia Samsung etc. supply in just about any cellphone on the planet.

What about putting the cellphone in a cradle when driving, so the cellphone camera can look out in front. Then, a Java applet that is activated with the touch of a key at the beginning of a drive will record the last minutes of what happens in front of me.

If there is a minor accident, I archive the last minutes of what happened in the road by pressing a button.

The recorded material could be used to prove who caused the accident. That is, if police accept it as evidence.

If there is a major crash, after which I'm unable to do anything, hmm... ...I guess archiving the last minutes would have to be triggered by a sudden-deceleration-sensor. That is, if the phone survives the crash. OK, leave it for V 2.0.

t s rochester, Jun 23 2005

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[po, Jun 23 2005]

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       This would be good in the fight against rubber-neckers. Why slow down to 30 in order to gawk at someone changing a tire when you can simply archive it and watch it when you get home?
Texticle, Jun 24 2005


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