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Forward-Facing Cell-Phone Camera

Fit a third camera to modern smart phones
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Phones have cameras, have done for ages. Many have two, a good one on the back, less good one on the front. I propose a third, in the top of the phone canted at a 20 degree-or-so angle toward the back.

You ask why this is necessary, I'll tell you.

I have to work near young people, young people use their phones, a lot. If, for example, practical education precludes the use of their phone for an hour or so, they will subsequently take their phone out and do all the catching up they need to. Unfortunately they attempt this while walking and walk into either me, one of my freezers or the mop bucket.

A camera placed as described could display on a section of the screen, the environment directly in front of them. They may then avoid the person/item and possibly tag it for use in the upcoming google maps for the insides of buildings.

Also useful for checking your speed while txt-driving.

bs0u0155, Oct 08 2013

Oh, already thought of, with a better title, grrr Head_20Down_20Display
[bs0u0155, Oct 08 2013]


       This is an Anti-Darwin device, therefore [-].
8th of 7, Oct 08 2013


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