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You Know, For The Cats...
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This is a highly modified Roomba type device that constantly travels around the house after the cat, at a frequency that is user configurable from once every month to as often as four times a day. When, as is inevitable, it catches the cat, it vacuums, bathes, and trims the toenails of the cat.

Simply attach the handy radio transmitter to Fluffy's collar, and iKittyGroomer will do the rest. Its battery operation, super quiet motors, ability to climb walls and cling to ceilings, and ability to leap to the ground or any other surface that Fluffy may be hiding in, on, or under makes iKittyGroomer the perfect companion for cat owners.

Grogster, Sep 26 2011


       A cold, mechanical, robotic machine? Who even needs the cat?
rcarty, Sep 26 2011


       (Now, just a teent-tiny tweak to the software… MUHWHAHAHAHAH !)
8th of 7, Sep 26 2011

       I agree with [rcarty]. If this robot can move around with the same agility as the cat, and can also be made to look smug while sleeping, like a cat - then why would you need a cat?
hippo, Sep 26 2011

       You wouldn't... MUHwhahahaaaaa!!! (dang, did I say that out loud?) What I meant to say is, uh, you would keep them both because the cat actually likes its plastic pal. They will have hours and hours and hours of fun playing hide and seek together (rather unsuccessfully for the cat owing to the radio collar). Day after day, year after year, relentlessly you might say. If at some point in the future Fluffy goes the way of all things and ends up in Kitty Heaven (or some day finds an open window that iKittyGroomer won't fit through), simply throw away the cat box and you're good to go.
Grogster, Sep 26 2011

       // dang, did I say that out loud? //   

       'Fraid so ... it's OK, you're among friends here.
8th of 7, Sep 26 2011


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