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a slow AI that assists me while I'm the one wondering the internet
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AIs are limited in their ability to read and understand which websites they should crawl and are not "intelligent" enough to "realize" and differentiate between junk and good information.

We are (still) better than the AI at that, but we are very slow. We are slow to read and slow to comprehend, we are limited in our span of attention and in the amount of knowledge we can bring up at any point.

iSpy with myAI is an addon to your browser. While you search the web and click through the internet it follows what you are asking for, and sees the information you are receiving.

It can then do 3 things.

1. Recommended Navigation Paths: It can give you a revised list of "search results" but this time with a comprehensive summary of what you will learn from those linked websites in the search result.

2. Human-assisted AI: If it is missing access or lacking understanding, you help it out by giving it context and pointing it in the right direction.

3. Intimate AI: Knowing what you know, it can give answers better tailored to your needs.

For example, You show it the picture of a manuscript page and ask what it says. it tells you that it seems to be some kind of European manuscript but it cannot detect the language.

You can tell it to look for similar images, or you can tell it where you got it, so perhaps it will find a transcription. You tell it which language it is in, and what the single sentence that you were able to read was. .

It gives you links to recommended OCR packages, remembering that you both learned in the past to avoid a different OCR program that didn't work.

Meanwhile it "loads into context" its knowledge about ancient Greek texts for the ensuing conversation.

In an advanced scenario, If no OCR exists for reading these fonts it gives you advice (knowing your skills and capabilities) and instructs you how to program an OCR program that would do what you need. Once you build the OCR software using its suggestions, you can give it the results and it can continue from there.

pashute, Aug 31 2023


       This kind of digital assistant could be represented in your desktop by something familiar and non-threatening like… ooh, I don’t know, maybe a paperclip!

Actually I can see this working - if I’ve understood it correctly, you’re asking the AI to look at what you’re doing and to discern the higher-level task that your actions form part of, and then to guide you through that. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible but it’s a bit hard to think about in the abstract. Also it would inevitably end up being owned by Google and would suffer the same fate as Google search where the search results you’re pushed towards are those for which Google has been paid.
hippo, Aug 31 2023

       What you see is what's made enough money for you to see.
xenzag, Aug 31 2023

       No [Hippo], it can't.   

       Because it is using your base, not anyone else's.
pashute, Sep 03 2023

       Wouldn't it need to use other people's "bases" as training data before learning how to interpret your "base"? Of course, the behavioural patterns would be yours, but the meta-patterns would have to come from somewhere else.
pertinax, Sep 04 2023

       [pertinax] I think that's also my interpretation of how it would work and, if I've correctly understood to which part of my previous annotation [pashute]'s "it can't" comment was directed, answers that point
hippo, Sep 04 2023

       Thank you ... I think.
pertinax, Sep 04 2023

       It's all about that base about that base no treble...
RayfordSteele, Sep 06 2023


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