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chatbot2regex v0.9

leading to the working regex chatbox
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Hey chat2b !

- CANNED MSG: Hi, I'm chat2b. I have the texts to search in. We now have 3 stages for the regex. First we define how we'll find something. Then we look at the results, and in the third stage we do something with the results. So lets start: What are you searching for in the text?

I want to find the title of the email.

- I know what email is and can find you the email. What is "the title of the email"?

There's a colon before the email. It's the word or two before the colon.

- A colon the two dots, or the word C O L O N ?

Two dots.

- OK, Gotcha. (Searced for colon. Finds some without a space and some with a space and some with a word or more before) INFORM: Do you mean that the email is immediately after the colon or could there be whitespace?

I mean immediately after or with no more than one space.

- OK, Here are the results of the colon in green and the email in purple. What is "The title of the email?".


pashute, Jan 25 2022




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