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A social networking site where you can befriend your twins!
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Members of the social networking site can upload their photos which will be analyzed by facial recognition software. The characteristics are compared across all others and finds your closest looking matches. You can see what you look like with a few extra pounds, as the opposite sex, or as a different age. Twins can be added and form groups.

Think of the possibilities. Remember all those times people say, 'hey! i saw your twin the other day..' Now you can post to your iTwin account and ask which one of you was it at the airport the other day! Play jokes on your friends, freak out people with flash mobs.

jamm3r, Feb 10 2012


       If I met a twin of me I'd nuke him. The world can't handle two of me.   

       But yeah, it reminds me of an Eddie Brickell and the New Bohemians song... "Somewhere there's somebody who looks just like you do / Acts just like you do / Feels the same way"
Psalm_97, Feb 10 2012

       I'm in. Me too.
white, Feb 23 2012


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