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Facebook for Narcissists Everywhere
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Inspired by the moment that John enters his own head in the film 'Being John Malcovitz', JohnMalcobook.com is exactly like facebook, except that all of your friends are, erm, you.

Stare adoringly at different pictures of yourself, poke yourself, and keep an eye on your changing status.

For the less imaginative, a learning AI engine will begin to create alternative "yous" who will constantly badger you with friendship requests, claiming that they have a lot in common with you.

If you're full of self lothing, various levels of security will allow you to grant limited access to the aspects of yourself that you don't like, and if things get really bad, you can block/unfriend yourself all together.

Fishrat, Aug 23 2010


       + actually a very intriquing idea...
xandram, Aug 23 2010

       "You talking to me?" Robert De Niro - Taxi Driver
xenzag, Aug 23 2010

       [+] I lurve this. Just how deeply into one's own navel can one stare? We don't really know -- but the groundbreaking work of [Fishrat] may one day tell us.
mouseposture, Aug 23 2010

       Somehow it would start to resemble here, but with more colors...
RayfordSteele, Aug 23 2010

       Gotta watch that one sometime.   

       While officially not a narcissist, I'm close enough to give this a bun. AND HEY EVERYONE, LOOK, IT'S FISHRAT. LET'S JUMP UP AND DOWN AND SHAKE HIS HAND, AND SAY HOWDY STRANGER!!!
blissmiss, Aug 24 2010

       Thanks Bliss. I have traveled far and wide through the wilderness and now I've returned, er, basically the same.
Fishrat, Aug 25 2010

       As I can't find any other reason to criticise this idea, I am forced to resort to pedantry...

sp: JohnMalkoBook.com
sp: Malkovich

DrBob, Aug 25 2010

       Thanks for the edit [DrBob] (and the compliment), I'll make the necessary adjustments to the idea.
rcarty, Aug 26 2010


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