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A little box by your name on the edit page dispalys how many ideas you've come up with. This would be a nice little feature

not the same as Modulars idea of the same name (linked)

shinobi, Dec 25 2006

Idea Counter Idea_20Counter
Counts total amount of halfbakery ideas [shinobi, Dec 25 2006]

How many ideas have you come up with http://www.halfbake...:i=:t=How_20many_3f
... edit this. [jonthegeologist, Dec 25 2006]


       [shinobi] This can be done via halfbakery custom views. See link - this one is for me, but you can edit it to show your ideas.
jonthegeologist, Dec 25 2006

       Oh sweet....shinobi - 119. will be 118 after I delete this one. thanks jon
shinobi, Dec 25 2006

       I'd still say this would be a neat touch, just to go at the bottom of the profile pages, rather than needing a seperate view. But I suppose quality counts far more than quantity and this might send mixed messages to newbies.
hidden truths, Dec 25 2006


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