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Idea Counter

Current number of ideas:
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There would be a small counter just below the idea; meta; account sidebar telling the current number of ideas.
modular, Nov 06 2003

Close but no cigar http://www.halfbake...gory:t=idea_20count
[krelnik, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

All ideas. http://www.halfbake...25:ds=3:n=:i=:t=All
Keep clicking more [sufc, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

MSN on the job http://beta.search....akery.com&FORM=QBRE
[bungston, Dec 23 2004]


       You can get close to it with a custom view, see link. (You just need to sum 13 numbers). Total is 16,243 as I type this.
krelnik, Nov 06 2003

       I have added all the ideas by a,b,c,d ect and totaled the number of ideas at12391.
sufc, Nov 06 2003

       Cage match: [krelnik] vs [sufc]. Bartertown rules.
bungston, Nov 06 2003

       I have a feeling I may be wrong.
I now have the total at 16246. I give up.
sufc, Nov 06 2003

       [sufc] - your link gives me an error. Does it work for you? Does your name mean Sheffield United Football Club? Am I asking too many questions?
modular, Nov 06 2003

hippo, Nov 06 2003

modular, Nov 06 2003

       (modular) The link works for me
Yes about the name.
Do you think you are asking to many questions ?
sufc, Nov 06 2003

       Error. View expression not found: "all"
(While processing: /view/all; query parameters: .)
modular, Nov 06 2003

       a,b,c, etc did you include 1,2,3,10, 1/2 etc
po, Nov 06 2003

       Don't forget i.
Worldgineer, Nov 06 2003

       I included numbers and !.
sufc, Nov 06 2003

       go and have a lie down, there's a dear :)
po, Nov 06 2003

       If only I could go and have a rest but I'm much to busy to do that. I have booked some time in bed for Sunday afternoon untill Tuesday Am and then the merry go round that is my life starts again.
sufc, Nov 06 2003

       ok -1 sorry.   

       ok. why? people would just want to *up* the figures. I know but people are daft that way.   

       sufc, you do seem to have a weird lifestyle..
po, Nov 06 2003

       (po) I manage bands and work as a club promoter. I try to work from home as much as possible but at the moment I am all over the place. Today Manchester, tomorrow Nottingham and Saturday Sheffield.
One of the nightclub nights I run ends at 6am Sunday morning. and then the Rugby starts.
(modular) 6 people have anno'ed this idea and 4 have voted. Not a bad percentage.
sufc, Nov 06 2003

       changes weird for interesting :)
po, Nov 06 2003

       (above) - that was my percentage of the Halfbakery ideas. But it's probably changed since I posted that.
hippo, Nov 06 2003

       I thought it was a prediction of the current percentage of total ideas ever.
Worldgineer, Nov 06 2003

       [sufc] Click your view, then click [edit] on the view. Scroll all the way to the bottom and blank out the box next to "Save this view as". Yes, no name at all. Now click OK.   

       You'll see the same view again, but with a very different URL. It will be much longer and have lots of colons and equals signs and such in it. Use that URL when posting your view for others.
krelnik, Nov 06 2003

       Link reposted. Thanks krelnik.
sufc, Nov 06 2003

       What might be nice would be a thing on my profile saying Rob, there are 16thousand ideas and you have looked at around 6% of them, voted on 2% and annotated less than 1%. You have writen 0.1% of all the ideas on the bakery. (To make up random numbers.)   

       It would be pretty interesting I think.
RobertKidney, Nov 07 2003

       All of those stats could be cooked up using the view system and a client side script to scrape out the numbers & calculate them, save only the "you have viewed". I don't think the bakery tracks that.
krelnik, Nov 07 2003

       I didn't think it did, which is why I didn't really think about posting an idea. You have viewed since x wouldn't be the same. But it would be great to know how much of the bakery I have actually looked at.
RobertKidney, Nov 07 2003

       You could statistically come up with an estimate by pressing the random button a bunch of times and log how many you've seen.   

       In my sample size of 1 I've seen 100% of the halfbakery, but this is just a rough estimate.
Worldgineer, Nov 07 2003

       in my sample size of 2, I have seen 0% of the halfbakery
po, Nov 07 2003

       I scored 3/8 then ran out of fingers on my right (the haven't seen) hand. Unfortunately I have now seen all 8 of them and need to start again.
RobertKidney, Nov 07 2003

       7 out of 10.
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2003

       [worldgineer], could you tell me what the formula is for estimating the total population from a sample with replacements?   

       E.g. Suppose you randomly sample 30 times (with replacement), and you end up with one idea 3 times, another idea 3 times, two ideas 2 times each, and 18 singles. --> What's the maximum likelihood estimator of the total population?   

       I've been seeking the answer to this on the web for years.
phundug, Nov 07 2003

       I would like to see this baked.
etherman, Nov 26 2004

calum, Nov 26 2004

       cheers calum
etherman, Nov 26 2004

calum, Nov 26 2004

       If you're doing 30 samples, and up with 3+3+2+2+18 distribution, there's really just one conclusion: stop eating the samples!
jutta, Nov 27 2004

       I think the [random] button is rigged. I got this one up via [random] one click after getting "Idea Enumerator" the same way. Deus ex Halfbakerina.   

       BTW: 22,331.
wagster, Dec 22 2004

       [phun] I love a good math challenge, but sadly my statistics is quite rusty. I somewhat recall a classroom example along these lines - having to do with pulling names out of a bag. Remind me later and I might try to solve this one anyway.
Worldgineer, Dec 22 2004

       this is like guessing how many marbles are contained in the glass jar.
benfrost, Dec 22 2004

       Using the MSN search tool for /idea/ limiting it to halfbakery.com I got this: 1-8 of 88,608,589 containing /idea/ (0.16 seconds)   

       I conclude that this is how many ideas there are on the halfbakery.
bungston, Dec 22 2004

       surely thats more ideas than are in the known universe
benfrost, Dec 22 2004

       I can't reproduce that result. (I get 9984, a realistic underestimation.) Got a link?
jutta, Dec 23 2004

       The problem with that 88 million result is that I thought I had constrained in to halfbakery.com, but did not. When I went back and constrained it I got 3971. That search is linked.
bungston, Dec 23 2004

       why ?
neilp, Dec 23 2004


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