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imageboard with executable virtual machine

e.g. dis.4chan.org/prog/ + JVM
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In a typical imageboard... you post image and a text.

This is normal stuff, kinda cool.

But what if instead of 'images', we have executable scripts in place of images. It only runs while the user is looking at it.

The script is executed by a JavaScript based interpreter that is emulating a custom fictional simple CPU (e.g. DCPU-16 from Notch of minecraft fame)

This virtual machine can accept the viewer's direct input if needed (text or mouse position), or it can retrieve text from post in the current page (e.g. First post, or x post relative to current post). [E.g. Rolling a dice program ]

The virtual machine output can be either 'image based', or text based output.

What opportunities does this allow for? Free form demo scene on the spot? Etc...

mofosyne, Jun 21 2014

live edit DCPU-16 editor http://dwilliamson.github.io/
Code by @Donzanoid, github repository [mofosyne, Jun 21 2014]

Linux in javascript http://bellard.org/jslinux/
Seems bit slow though, not sure if you want that for 'demoscene' lite [mofosyne, Jun 21 2014]

6502 CPU Emulator http://www.6502asm.com/
This is probably a better candadate [mofosyne, Jun 21 2014]


       This sounds like Flash/ ActionScript. This isn't specifically an emulator, but is sufficiently powerful to make one. It's widely used for in-browser games, including clones of NES games, etc.   

       4chan + more interactivity = more disturbing. How about web programming for the Oculus Rift interface? On 4chan, that would be a 3D, 360deg view of horrifying shock images.
sninctown, Jun 21 2014

       There are already Flash based imageboards (cue: dagobah.net ), they are kind of okay, except remixing flash files is a bit hard to do. With this half baked idea, all source code is available to be modified.   

       How possible would it be to implement user scripts directly in javascript, without the resulting security implication...
mofosyne, Jun 21 2014

       So, nothing to do with the death penalty...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 21 2014

       One of JavaScripts functions is named "eval". You pass it a string of text, and if the text happens to be executable code, the code will be executed. Otherwise errors will happen, much as if ordinary JavaScript code contained errors, outside the eval function.   

       The eval function is considered dangerous. You can't think of every bad thing someone might ask it to do. That means you might regret letting anyone write any block of code they might happen to think of....
Vernon, Jun 22 2014


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