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Google Mirth

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Google Mirth allows you to view a composite image of the Earth. Web users may annotate their locale with images or jokes that they find amusing. Mouse over Germany to view numerous photographs of people falling into open manholes, over England to see a myriad of pop-up jokes about the French, or over Tonga to see images of naive West Samoans visiting the metropolis.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 20 2009


       Is there a point to reducing every computer-based idea to a smartphone app, 21? Would you be pacified to see them all start out: This is an idea for a smartphone app whereby...   

       My first point here is that doing so wouldn't be grounds for an MFD. Second point is that it's just a tad redundant. It's like starting out every idea: This is an idea for humans to use...   

       Specifically, I think those apps are allowed to be specific as per the type of information being displayed, so that the current app you describe doesn't step on the toes of something like this.   

       Funny animal pictures are always nice, along with public nudity at stadium events and sports bloopers. My take on this is that the content should be moderated such that its culturally relevant to the area, so that you don't wind up with a bunch of pics of people doing stupid shit in their living rooms..
daseva, Jun 21 2009

       No, you didn't, but I know when you're flirting with one. Usually you don't flirt, anyways. Usually you find a questionable example of mfd and slip'r a mickey ;)   

       I know they're relevant, [quest], that's why I tried to discuss them at some length. We're not enemies, merely diligent asses. In my happenstance opinion.   

       Also, 50cent did come out with that song right when you joined, you can't blame me for making the connection.
daseva, Jun 21 2009

       Isn't it hard to judge how much stress is put into a communication without another medium.
wjt, Jun 21 2009

       That's why God invented emoticons, [wjt] ;-P
gnomethang, Jun 22 2009

       I had a similar (if only tangentally connected) idea recently: a Wii-style party games bundle featuring humourous nation-based games, where waggling or mashing your controller to facilitate your character acting out a national sterotype or two (Franch: surrendering; setting fire to livestock, America: invading; contemplating navel, England: maintaing stiff upper lip; being rude to forrins), where successful completion of each nation's minigame allows you to proceed to subnational stereotyping (North of England: pea smooshing; coal mining, The US South: drawling) and then on further and down into town or incorporated area levels (Blackburn: oversugaring eccles cakes) such that, ultimately, we realise that each person (and indeed group of persons) is home to a jumble of tics and peculiarities and we all fall in love with one another.
calum, Jun 22 2009

       It's a shame the wii isn't a suitable enough platform for expressing cultural differences. Or is it? Do Japanese waggle the controller different from Americans? This i would be interested in..
daseva, Jun 22 2009

       Might it be called "Giigle" ?
xenzag, Jun 22 2009

       /humourous nation-based games/   

       This sounds like that big art thing that Czech guy did for the EU, poking fun at each of the constituent nations. Bulgaria! Heh! I like the idea of a thing like that on a local level.
bungston, Jun 24 2009


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