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Blog not only your events, but your location too
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The actual blog site would contain a map of your surrounding area. It could use graphic maps or satellite imagery.

Your cell phone would constantly transmit your location to the site and a path is drawn to follow your movements throughout the day. If you take a picture (camera phone), the picture is uploaded and displayed at that point on the map. You can also add a description to the picture.

Anyone looking at the site will have the option of seeing the progression of your day using play/pause/stop/ff/rewind controls.

There's obvious "big brother" issues and data transmission limits on current technology. However, I would definitely love to be able to do this.

Massif, Jun 22 2005

GPS Drawing, for DrC http://www.gpsdrawing.com/gallery.htm
[calum, Jun 22 2005]

The Shape of Your Life The_20Shape_20of_20Your_20Life
by lostdog. Similar. [calum, Jun 22 2005]

foundcity http://www.foundcity.net/
Group photoblog version of your idea is baked. [krelnik, Jun 22 2005]

geourl http://geourl.org/n.../04/26/rssplus.html
one way of encapsulating geodata in an rss / blog feed. [neilp, Jun 23 2005]

stuff near me http://www.allthego...0642&long=151.20985
photos and blogs near my home (firefox extension demo) [neilp, Jun 23 2005]


       I like that site where people draw pictures by using GPS tracking.
DrCurry, Jun 22 2005

       yup, there's nothing to stop you including your position in RSS, there are a couple of ways of doing it, but everyone seems to be going the geourl way (see link). From there you can map them, see your neighbours, trace your speed ? etc. etc. etc. I co-wrote a firefox plug in which also provides a list of urls and photos near 'you' - see other link.   

       I'm afraid parts of this are very baked, the new thing (well, I've not seen it) is the constant tracking, which, as you suggest, has a few downsides (hmm.. I notice [neilp] isn't home.. I must go and burgle his house.. if only I knew where he lived.. oh what's this.. the exact latitude and longitude of his house).
neilp, Jun 23 2005

       p.s. your mobile phone on it's own doesn't know where it is, unless it's an HP HW 6500
neilp, Jun 23 2005


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