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in-car coffee maker

making coffee on the road
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For those days when you just don't even have the time to stop at the Tim Horton's drive through: A water reservoir under the right front fender (for safe road-side refilling) would feed water to the boiler that is attached to the exhaust manifold. The boiling water would then be piped though insulated tubing to the drip filter under the dashboard. A centrally located drawer panel will pull out to allow the the driver or the passenger to change coffee grounds and filters. The coffee then drips into the cup already in the coffee cup holder. Of course, the possibility of having the coffee piped a spigot in the back seat is also an option.

Cold drinks could supplied in a similar manner, taking advantage of the volatility of gasoline to provide the heat transfer required for cooling: Before entering the fuel distribution system of the car's engine, the gasoline would pass over a series of flat vanes through which the water or other liquid would be pumped. As the gas evaporates, it will cool the liquid. The gasoline fumes would then be condensed and enter the regular fuel distribution system.

russellm, Dec 18 2002

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18 Dec 02 | From HB circa Jan 02, a very similar idea. [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]

Koolatron 12 V Coffee Maker [12/19/02 02:08] http://shop.store.y...a/kool12vcofma.html
And, no plumbing hassles (ships the same business day - USD55.99) [linguist, Oct 17 2004]

Fiat in-car expresso maker http://www.autoblog...coffee-maker-optio/
The 2013 Fiat 500L to have optional equipment in-dash expresso machine. [Laughs Last, Jul 18 2012]


       not a bad idea, heard something slightly like it before. One of the real problems I see would be having to make sure your hot water from the boiler on the manifold isn't so hot it vaporizes, which could be pretty bad....but if you come up with some nifty clevor way to cool down that water a bit, its would be pretty cool (unless you like your coffee a few hundred degrees above normal)
peterippe, Dec 23 2002

       You know people can get into accidents by spilling their coffee on their lap
jeffman, Jul 22 2003

       You know people can get into accidents by spilling their hot coffee on their lap
jeffman, Jul 22 2003

       You know people can get rich by spilling their hot coffee on their lap
DeathNinja, Jul 22 2003

       I think this is already half baked anyhow. Years ago in a Road & Track I read an article about a WWII courier who had welded a boiler around the headers of his motorcycle, for his tea (He was British).   

       I travel with a 12v coffeemaker and a small 12 v refer for the cream. Starbucks, Ack!
tigertiger, Sep 14 2007


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