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in-game take-out

get real life nourishment, without leaving the comfort of your favourite MMORPG
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Some people spend a tremendous amount of time in computer generated universes, but these poor souls occasionally have to drop back into the real one to feed and water their physical bodies.

If there was a protocol for linking computer game environments with takeaways, you could order food without having to go through the trauma of leaving your game environment. Computer controlled door locks could even let certified delivery personnel deposit your refreshments at your desk, for a really seamless experience.

conskeptical, Jun 01 2007

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       Neither a bone nor bun from me, just because the better idea is buried within: an automated system for paying/collecting food from delivery personnel.
awesomest, Jun 01 2007

       (+) My, that was a yummy slime mold.
jutta, Jun 01 2007

       [+] Hey, if countries can set up embassies in Second Life, surely pizza places could manage a storefront.
gisho, Jun 01 2007

       Gr: If there were a protocol....
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 01 2007

       Baked in my tabletop games, or rather barbequed. Battle the dreaded mignon, then filet and feast...
normzone, Mar 24 2008


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