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induction capacitor system

induction capacitor system
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An aluminum plate and a perspex sheet and a copper plate are used to make a capacitor. A tube of gas goes through the center of the capacitor. The idea placing it center of the tube it can transform ionized gas into an electrical output that can be transformed. To ionize that gas a small Tesla coil or wimshurst generator ionizes the gas by high voltage. The capacitor in the center acts a collector perpendicular to make a voltage that is transformed into a usable current and voltage.

This is set up to be some sort of Rube Goldberg machine to go though a lot of steps to try an generate electricity from non conventional sources.

I figure If microwaves can induce charge on two graphite rods in the microwave and shock the hell out of me surely high frequency high voltage energy can induce charge through a column on ionized gas to charge a capacitor.

The tricky part is just stepping it back down into some usable current, let alone to even try to have it power itself.

travbm, Nov 22 2015

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       Do the math -- there's no free lunch.
sninctown, Nov 22 2015

       Let's see, the derivative of the charge will reflect the amount of energy provided by the Tesla coil; so the microwaves could carry the information provided at every cicle thru the graphite rods. Is easy to see: the usable current will be the provided by the outlet on the wall.
piluso, Nov 22 2015

       So.... you're trying to store electricity in plasma ? That's pretty much like surrounding a light bulb with a mirror and claiming that you're trapping photons inside, no ?
FlyingToaster, Nov 22 2015

       I think it was implied that it may never go over unity and a water wheel or something could turn the wimshurst generator or solar panel and batteries could run the Tesla coil. The energy is just transmitted by high voltage into the home where it is transformed to run a device to play minecraft on.
travbm, Nov 22 2015

       Yes I own a digital multimeter, but the last experiment only shocked me and the voltage was overload or OL.
travbm, Nov 22 2015

       So some sort of photovoltaic where the capture atoms are higher up the energy landscape making them easier to gain more energy and easier to tap?
wjt, Nov 23 2015

       I guess no body reads much into Tesla and Don Smith.
travbm, Nov 23 2015


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