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inflatable car stacker

attached to bottom of car
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Four inflatable "pillars" allow your car to rise above the crowd. An inflatable "slide" similar to aircraft emergency chutes, allows you to get up and down, while detached from the pillars. Then when your down and done, just press a button, the thing quickly deflates and folds back under your car. Lets you park, where there's no parking space.
pashute, Feb 03 2009


       /Lets you park, where there's no parking space./   

       That's the part that I'm not getting.
Texticle, Feb 03 2009

       I am assuming that you would "park" somewhere that is technically illegal to put a vehicle but completely ok to put an inflatable structure.
Jscotty, Feb 03 2009

       Boy, a slow leak sure would be sad.
normzone, Feb 03 2009

       Yay! Gonflable.
skinflaps, Feb 03 2009

       /somewhere that is technically illegal to put a vehicle but completely ok to put an inflatable structure/   

       <racks brain>
Texticle, Feb 03 2009

       On top of other cars only works if they aren't there yet when you park. -
colorclocks, Feb 03 2009

       If these inflatable pillars do not have have wheels on the bottom, it wouldn't make sense to attach them to your own car, since you couldn't move your car after inflation.   

       Instead, one would have to attach it to the other fellow's car, then park under him.   

       Of course, if all you wanted was a better view, or to park in a way that minimally impedes foot/bicycle traffic, then attaching the inflatable pillar mechanism to your car might make sense. But you'd be in trouble if someone parked under you (does that count as double parking?)
goldbb, Feb 03 2009

       This will be moot when all parking lots have been replaced by parking garages. Sure, our grandchildren will never see the sky, but thanks to fast parking they'll have plenty of time to read about it on Wikipedia.
Spacecoyote, Feb 04 2009

       sorry [text], take a look at link... Bigsleep, thanks! Yes, that's the idea. I don't watch TV, and when searching for such an idea did not find one... Anyway the inflatable idea is still an idea in itself, with pro's and cons...([norm]'s slow leak being one of them...)
pashute, Feb 05 2009


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