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interstate Earth

spaceship earth themed interstate
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interstate themed to WDW attraction spaceship earth
sukiyaki, Jul 20 2007

Zoetropic subway Zoetropic_20Subway
[bungston, Jul 20 2007]

SSE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSE
[normzone, Jul 31 2007]

SSE http://www.sse.org/
[normzone, Jul 31 2007]

SSE http://www.eurospine.org/
[normzone, Jul 31 2007]

SSE http://disneyworld....EarthAttractionPage
official site [sukiyaki, Aug 06 2007]

toll booth http://www-us.flick...557@N02/3223666950/
toll booth on the route [sukiyaki, Jun 04 2010]


       This is pretty similar to the zeotropic subway idea. And posted on the same day!
bungston, Jul 20 2007

       ride sets are part of the road, such as tollbooth
sukiyaki, Jul 21 2007

       well whatever I'm making something of this thread...   

       *soothing male voice*   

       Please take your little bratts by the hand, and look down when stepping into the minivan...the minivan and your tow truck are traveling at the same rate of speed   

       *soothing female voice*   

       The Florida Department of Transportation welcomes you to Interstate Earth, and invites you to explore, if you can manage to, the amazing story, of a morning commute from Sandford to Downtown Orlando.   


       Like an outdated and rearended minivan, our car has traveled through the lanes of 1-4...and for over 50 minutes...we have been stuck in the left hand lane.   

       From the very beginning we have always wanted to reach out to another person, to tell ourselves we should have taken the bee-line, to never again take the Lee Road exit into Orlando as a short cut.   

       Across this lonely, and harsh interstate, school busses with flashing strobe lights, passed cars in search of a way to actually get the kids to class on time.   

       but all was not lost, for mothers trapped with their kids in their minivan, found a vital key to sanity, by giving the kids portable games, no longer any screaming, no longer extra sugar in that machiatofrappellate.   

       Ages later, the downtown office workers created a complex network of texting, and thus now without ever leaving their steering wheel, co-works could text eachother their life problems before even making it to the office.   

       The elderly created the first major road symbols that they had used in previous years when gas was under 50 cents a gallons, now old men and women could flip off younger generations with a wave of the hand, and all knew what it meant.   

       But all was not lost, for people coming to Orlando from Winter Haven, could find saving grace with parts of the Osceola Parkway.   

       *sound of people south of orlando, humming and chanting* aka monk scene in SSE.
sukiyaki, Jul 31 2007

normzone, Jul 31 2007

       spaceship earth, the ride at disney
sukiyaki, Aug 01 2007

       narrator: "We've rollled into a new form of commuting to downtown Orlando, the commuter rail"
sukiyaki, Aug 02 2007

       We now the ability to receve traffic reports through 511
sukiyaki, Aug 03 2007

AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 08 2007

sukiyaki, Aug 08 2007

       attention, your minivan is rotating backwards for your drive home.
sukiyaki, Aug 10 2007


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