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interventionist nature documentaries

"Look at the cute bunny wabbit! Ahhh! Who's the coming up behind him? ... ARGH! Poor likkle wabbit!"
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So you're watching a nature documentary on TV, and some cute little mammal family is the star of the show. There's mummy cute thing, daddy cute thing, some little baby cute things with their cute little faces and fluffly tails. Aren't they cute? What a lovely programme to watch with the kids, or some other people of a sensitive disposition.

But this is nature, isn't it? And nature can be a cruel thing. Especially when some big ugly monster animal decides to eat cute things for lunch, ripping them limb from limb, blood and guts everywhere. ARRGH! Nooo!

Well that's how nature programmes normally work. Not this one though. On this series the nasty hungry monster gets chased away by the brave film crew. Good work film crew! Now let's see more of the cute likkle fluffy-kins. Ahhh!

iivix, Jun 13 2004

Save the (non-Orca) Whales (Mother's Day Special) http://www.monterey...yBayOrcaattack.html
Sort of like this, except the bystanders would have harpoons and 50-cal machine guns...Yeah, I think I could go for that. [Guncrazy, Oct 04 2004]


       A departure from realism would be a departure from truth. Even now, a lot of 'documentaries' take the soft option on the bloody realism of nature. Show it like it is, I say.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 13 2004

       Pah! Like documentaries have ever even remotely resembled the truth... As it stands now the nasty film crew probably introduce big hungry monster to small innocent fluffy-kins just to make more interesting TV.
iivix, Jun 13 2004

       Reminds me of this show I saw once. I was in a hotel with unfamiliar channels so I was doing some channel surfing, and I came upon a picture of a deer grazing near the edge of a field. The birds were chirping, the the breeze blowing. The camera just sat there for maybe 30 seconds or so while the deer walked around a little, looked up, continued munching, etc. I was thinking that it was rather unique programming: just nice relaxing nature scenery meant to bring the great outdoors indoors or something. Then bang, the deer jerks and falls over dead. It was a hunting show...
scad mientist, Jun 14 2004

       at least it would allow for the show, "When brave-film-crews-chasing-away-nasty-hungry-monsters goes wrong"... Fox has already signed up for it
luecke, Jun 14 2004

       some years ago i saw a tv documentary filming penguins in a blizzard in antarctica. for some reason there was a domestic cat forlornly padding around shivering in the snow (i don't know how or why; wandered off from a research base? jumped off a whaling ship?). the film crew said they left the cat there whereupon it died shortly later, because they "didn't want to interfere with nature"!!!
philmckraken, Jun 14 2004

       All those fishbones! You lot are so cruel! To animals!   

       //That's why God made petting zoos.//   

       That's the idea! Ahh, cute animals! Petting cute animals! On TV! What more could you want...?
iivix, Jun 15 2004

       I couldn't help myself but interfere.
po, Jun 15 2004


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