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it moved, too

public statues that change poses
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Public statues are often large, impressive sculptures of famous people like Generals on horses, or soldiers carrying guns and flags, or other people posed in heroic stances. Much time and money is spent on erecting such statues because they are great works of art. The trouble with this is that the statue usually stands in same place for many, many years and also in the same position. If one must pass by one of these statues everyday, one tends to stop looking at it, because it had become mundane and commonplace, no matter how grand it really is.

A solution for this would be to make parts that were movable; like the turn of a head, a twist of the waist, or an arm or leg that raised or pivoted. Stone statues would not work well, but possibly bronze or other metals can be crafted so that the movable part would be concealed by the design of the statue itself. A high collar could conceal the line where the head would move, etc. Powerful motors would be set inside the sculpture attached to rods, pulleys or gears. The timers would be set to move a body part once every two weeks or so, making it a subtle change. This would occur at midnight, so one would not likely see the movement, just that the pose had changed. At the end of a six week cycle, the statue will have assumed an entirely different pose, making it wonderful to gaze upon.

xandram, Sep 27 2007

it moved (first) it_20moved
[xandram, Sep 27 2007]

Angle of the North Angle_20of_20the_20North
another moving sculpture.....I like the subtlety of [xandram's] idea + [xenzag, Sep 27 2007]


       Have it move different parts every day, and follow the same pattern every month. That way people could use it as a calendar.   

       "What day is today?"   

       "Well, General Armyshrinker's finger is on his nose and his right foot is slightly lifted, so it must be the 28th. He also looks to be hanging right, so it's Tuesday."
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 27 2007

       I wonder if there are any notable sculptures (other than sundials) who's forms have been so designed to cast seemingly moving/changing shadows/reflections as the sun changes position in the sky. That way, you'd be able to stick to the traditional no-moving parts concept of the statue, but still provide something a bit more dynamic.
zen_tom, Sep 27 2007

blissmiss, Sep 27 2007

       Great stuff. Especially if the statue could be made to move from pose to pose very slowly, with a barely perceptible movement from day to day which, over months or weeks, adds up to a dramatic change of pose.
lostdog, Sep 27 2007

       It should change at a random time each day so that people can't purposely "catch" it in the act.
phundug, Sep 27 2007

       Most of the above annos are what I was trying to get across. The subtlety could shock someone who was unaware of what was going on. Thanks.
(Hi Bliss, nice to see you again!)
(xen) I like your Angle, too.
xandram, Sep 27 2007

       [xan] - you should look at some of Bill Viola's videos of famous paintings being portrayed by actors moving in extreme slow motion - I think you would really like them - called: "The Quintet Series" - seems to be only available as stills on internet, but will put a link if I can find a moving version. Meanwhile I think your idea is most excellent, and stands on its own.
xenzag, Sep 27 2007

       There is a plastic "sculpture" of an owl to stop pigeons crapping on the mortuary across the street from my home.   

       The head can be blown around in the wind, making it bob slightly on a windy day.   

       I would say 'stupid designers, even a bird won't be fooled by that'. I won't, though, because of the good twenty-five minutes I spent staring at it, convinced it was alive.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 27 2007

       It seems I'm always saying Thank you, but really I do appreciate the input.
[xen] I love to get turned on to stuff by other people and [GPL] I love your little story.
xandram, Sep 27 2007

       I don't usually care about negative votes, but I don't really understand this one. If anyone cares to explain...

       I guess "I just don't like it" is a valid reason.
xandram, Sep 28 2007

       They never do darling, they hide in the shadows in the dark and dank attic of the halfbakery hotel. (And hello to all as well. Been somewhat homeless for a spell. )   

       It really is a fabulous idea, and quite original.
blissmiss, Sep 28 2007

       I think your sculpture should groan, also. Maybe once in a couple of days to a week.
lurch, Sep 28 2007

       Bun for possible Ghost Busters 2 implications.
theleopard, Sep 28 2007

       //I don't usually care about negative votes//.... Last week I picked up over 300 of these in one day. Sometimes they are just given out of spite and stupidity. Every pond has its bottom feeders.
xenzag, Sep 28 2007

       The only problem I could foresee is if the statue were life-sized, or close to it. Tourists passing by while it is ever-so-slowly moving might mistake it for one of those gawd-aweful mime people dressed as statues, stand around it, clap, attempt to give it money or a kiss on the cheek, or otherwise embarrass themselves. However, one plus might be that if it were at a significantly large scale, the other mimes might become intimidated, realize the futility of their actions and find other means of employment. (Sorry; I just really hate those mimes.)
gus_webb, Sep 28 2007

       I'm feeling better now. Sometimes we all need a little reassurance.
xandram, Sep 28 2007

       You have got...   

       to do this...   

       on Mt Rushmore...
theleopard, Oct 25 2007

       Subtle. [+]
imaginality, Oct 25 2007


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