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London eye contact lens

a better view
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each pod on the london eye should be fitted with concave lenses on each side to give tourists a zoomed view of london.

For a limited time only and perhaps sponsored by Johnsons&Johnsons giant contact lens brand; Acuvue

(inspired by Ian Tindale's; The London other eye - linked)

shinobi, Jan 15 2006

the London other eye The_20London_20Other_20Eye
[shinobi, Jan 15 2006]


       When the sun came in at a particular angle, and passed through the lens, whom ever inside the pod who was in the path of the focused ray would sizzle away and disappear in a puff of smoke... Eye-Fry with my little Eye - I'm sorry but it had to be said.
xenzag, Jan 15 2006

       On a sunny day, all the visitors would be toast!   

       "Step-in, Step-in... give us a few moments to vacuum out the previous occupants"
Dub, Jan 15 2006


       <technicality> if you had a con*cave*: >> )( << lens then everything would be fisheye view and passengers would be vomiting excessively from motion sickness. if you wanted a zoom view, you would need a con*vex*: >> () << lens. however, if you were just using temporary additions to windows, then you might as well only use a bulge on the outside of the window: >> (| << it would work just as well. </technicality>   

       other than that, good idea. bun for you. (+)
neo_, Nov 25 2009


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