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karaoke elevator

elevator with karaoke machine in cab
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karaoke machine inside elevator cab for singing during rides
sukiyaki, Dec 18 2009


       Sounds suffocatingly horrible. Almost like the real thing.
skinflaps, Dec 18 2009

       wot [skinflaps] said; I am however in favour of putting karaokers in a steel box and shutting(/welding) the doors.
FlyingToaster, Dec 18 2009

       A bingo voice for each floor would be ok though (for a while) ie 15 Young and Keen, 16 Sweet Sixteen, 17 Dancing Queen - check out bingo rhyming slang.
xenzag, Dec 18 2009

       what if you got stuck, the horror!?
sukiyaki, Dec 18 2009

       yappari, yamete kudasai, kono.
Inyuki, Dec 29 2009

       Will the other riders that get on be required to sing backup on your song?
Jscotty, Dec 29 2009

       how about "alligator in the elevator" as a song
sukiyaki, Jan 06 2010


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