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kfc skins meal

Give me a half a dozen skins please...
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Maybe not the healthiest "meal", but sometimes I just feel like eating the skin off my KFC. Why dont they sell skin sheets ? 6 pack, 9 pack, family 12 pack ? mmm... skins...
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 24 2005

Yakitori http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakitori
"Traditional yakitori consists only of various chicken parts and vegetables," ew. And the list does include chicken skins - torikawa. [DrCurry, Oct 24 2005]

Chicken Skin Music http://www.amazon.c...33-8021505?v=glance
For Blissy. [wagster, Oct 24 2005]

photo of [waugsqueke] http://moniplex.com...main.php?picture=70
[Shz, Oct 25 2005]

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       Is that really an idea?
DrCurry, Oct 24 2005

       Fried chicken skin onna stick is a post-pub staple in, yes, Japan.
calum, Oct 24 2005

       Hi [calum], I'm currently in japan, and I've never seen it. Are you talking about chicken balls ? Or actual sheets of skin ? Tell me where ! I wouldn't mind checking it out !
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 24 2005

       do you have a brother named joey joe joe junior shabadoo?
roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005

       I checked with my spies in Japan and they confirm that you'll get them in ikakayas if you ask for yakitori. My spies are based in the Kansai area, on the off chance that it's a regional, um, delicacy.
calum, Oct 24 2005

       I confess to *only* eating the skin on KFC chicken. Extra crispy to be exact. I know some may find this icky, I absolutely love the crunch.   

       As for if it's an idea or not, well it definately would be here in New England, and I ain't flying to Japan to prove the other theory. A nice, warm biscuit for you, Joey. +
blissmiss, Oct 24 2005

       Perhaps we could sew all the pieces of chicken skin together to make a suit.
hidden truths, Oct 24 2005

       I might eat the chicken if it were skinless.
Shz, Oct 24 2005

       Clearly you and blissmiss are made for each other! No, wait a minute...
DrCurry, Oct 24 2005

       Wouldn’t want to ruffle [waugs]’ scales. :)
Shz, Oct 24 2005

       That would imply that I am a mermaid, which I am, but is not the focus of this delicious idea.
blissmiss, Oct 25 2005

       I thought it implied waugs was a snake, which I really didn't know how to respond to.
DrCurry, Oct 25 2005

       Well, I didn’t want to say “step on his claws” and give the impression he is a cat, or something. I’m not certain about the scales, but it seems likely from his photo. <link>
Shz, Oct 25 2005

       You're clearly disillusioned...probably by the gluttonous intake of poultry dermis. If KFC did this, there would be a direct impact on the human population. Thousands would surely die.
shinobi, Oct 25 2005

       Its been done.
Antegrity, Oct 25 2005

       That picture scares me. Why is this confined to one corporation anyway?
hidden truths, Oct 25 2005

       The true aficionado of avian dermis and juicy bits may care to visit Thailand also - my food dream occurred there several years ago, with a yakitori-like skewer treat of seven large chicken bums, crispy and salty on the outside, hot,tender and juicy on the inside. Oh my god, I've barred up..
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 25 2005

       Shz: best surely to stick to "ruffle his feathers," and let people assume you meant wise old owl, vulture, eagle, ugly duckling or dodo, depending on their previous experiences with him. And tie back to the idea theme.
DrCurry, Oct 25 2005

       Surely you jest. I *was* talking about the idea before your silly anno!   

       OK. - “ruffle his feathers” it is, perhaps rooster feathers, you know, the ones found in barns mixed with the chicken feathers, which are the ones that fell from… you guessed it, chicken skins.
Shz, Oct 25 2005

       The general idea makes sense, but I couldn't repress a shudder at the phrase 'skin sheets' - a little reminiscent of Nazi lampshades. Rebranding might help...
rubyminky, Oct 26 2005

skinflaps, Oct 26 2005

       That would go well with a Nacho Hat or a Flaming Moe.
Gamma48, Jun 14 2009

       wow, what a blast from the past. now that I'm a strict vegetarian the thought of eating the flesh of a living thing makes me gag.   

       But I do remember the good old days with utter glee...
blissmiss, Jun 14 2009


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