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last chance iron-on stickers

to remind yourself to throw items of clothing away before they go in the laundry
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you may be more disciplined than myself but I am unable to throw anything away that I've just washed - it seems wrong somehow. so, when I do my ironing I'd like a roll of last chance iron-on stickers so that when that item of clothing has been worn for that last time, I am reminded to discard it forever.
po, Jun 06 2009

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       hmm, I guess I never throw anything away, usually it goes to charity collection. In which case I'd feel guilty if I didn't wash it first. I'd have no need for these.
dentworth, Jun 06 2009

       well, I was thinking knickers and socks...   

       obviously the nice stuff that I've grown too fat to wear on the catwalk...
po, Jun 06 2009

       Great - LAST CHANCE! knickers. I can see a market for these coming pre-printed.
xenzag, Jun 06 2009

       //coming pre-printed// bad bad boy!
po, Jun 06 2009


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